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Laparoscopic surgery

mini invasive

Video surgeries, as they are known, are associated with the concept of minimal or minor invasion / aggression. The surgery is performed through small incisions (cuts) that form scars of 5 mm and 10 mm.

Minilaparoscopy surgeries

micro invasive

It is an evolution of laparoscopic surgery. Mini-laparoscopic sections are so small that they do not even need to be closed with stitches and scars usually get confused with the stains.

Bariatric and metabolic surgery

There are different types of techniques that can be used, such as adjustable gastric banding, Bypass or Capella surgery, Sleeve gastrectomy and new access. that allow for exceptional aesthetic results such as minilaparoscopy.

Abdominal wall hernia surgery

Hernias are defects in the abdominal wall, natural or originated by previous surgeries. Abdominal hernias are classified anatomically according to their location and origin: inguinal, incisional, umbilical and epigastric .

Gallbladder removal

Surgery for gallbladder removal, technically called cholecystectomy, is indicated in cases of inflamed gallbladder, gallstones or polyps.

Reflux surgery (hiatal hernia)

hérnia de hiato

Gastroesophageal reflux is a common condition that occurs when food or acid produced in the stomach returns to the esophagus. In some people the gastric contents may return to the esophagus, throat or mouth.

Excessive Sweat Surgery

Excessive sweating is an increased production of sweat glands in excessive amounts in regions such as hands, armpits, face and feet. Sympathectomies are surgeries performed by minilaparoscopy, in which a segment of the so-called sympathetic nerve is removed. It can be done in the thorax or lower back, depending on the location of hyperhidrosis.

Bowel surgeries

Operations are performed to treat the intestines, which may become ill and in need of repair by the surgical method, such as: diverticula, appearance of benign or malignant tumors, Chron's disease and rectocolitis, and changes related to birth defects and hernias. Surgery is indicated so that the patient can have a normal or improved life.


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