IJP Clinic

Specialized in minimally invasive surgeries of the digestive system, the Jacques Perissat Institute (IJP) is the new partner medical team of Pilar Hospital, now working at Pilar Hospital facilities.

This partnership consolidates the 17-year trajectory of the first postgraduate course in Minimally Invasive Surgery in Brazil, taught by the Institute's physicians in partnership with Universidade Positivo.

Since 2004, the IJP has trained hundreds of professionals in Brazil and Latin America.

The IJP works with oncology of the digestive tract, abdominal wall hernias, bariatric and metabolic surgery, excessive sweating surgery and interventional endoscopy, maintaining actions related to education with post courses and research projects.

Working together with Pilar Hospital, aims to further expand the dissemination of knowledge and specialization of surgeons, relying on a large collection of cutting-edge technologies, in addition to further fostering research in the health area.

Always expanding, the IJP is taking great strides to become the largest surgery training center in Brazil.


Get to know the postgraduate courses offered by IJP in partnership with Positivo University.

The clinic

Director in Charge – Marcelo Loureiro (CRM: 14858/PR)

Rua Emílio de Menezes, nº 833, 2º andar - Bom Retiro ? Curitiba, PR

Phone: +55 (41) 3373-8688 • +55 (41) 3019-4032
WhatsApp: (41) 98405-9972
[email protected]