Digestive Surgery Clinic IJP

Founded in 2013 by surgeons Dr. Marcelo Loureiro, Dr. Christiano Claus and Dr. Daniellson Dimbarre with the purpose of offering the best treatment for each patient, the clinic is synonymous of excellence in the areas that follow: Specialized Unit in Gastroenterology, Digestive Endoscopy and Digestive Surgery, as it is formed by renowned professionals, modern facilities and personalized service.

Clinical Partnership IJP and Pilar Hospital

IJP medical center is now a partner of Pilar Hospital. Since the beginning of 2020, Pilar Hospital has been part of the Hospital Care holding, whose operating strategy is to be present in cities that act as regional centers for population health management, such as Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, Florianópolis and Curitiba. This new corporate arrangement will allow the hospital to make new infrastructure expansions, in addition to new technologies and treatment options. Learn more about Pilar Hospital.


What our customers say

"Very good. Great staff, thank you all. I have always been very well attended, reception note 1000. Special thanks to Dr. Cristiano Claus and Dr. Juceane, thank you very much God bless you. ”

Júlio C. D

“Since I was 15 years old I have suffered from hyperhidrosis in the hands, armpits and later in the feet. I did not think twice to make an appointment with Dr. Marcelo Loureiro, who gave me all confidence and security so that I could perform the Lumbar sympathectomy surgery. I feel someone else after this intervention, with self-esteem and much more confident, confident and satisfied with the outcome. ”

Karin C. P.

“I arrived very afraid to operate my hernia, afraid of feeling too much pain and her coming back. It was the opposite, in 1 week I returned to work normally and with very little pain. Thank you so much, Dr. Daniellson. ”

Maria I.

“Dr. Christiano is very nice and made me very safe about the procedure. My pain lasted a short time because recovery was quick.”

Marcia S.

“I had diabetes and was overweight. As I had heard very well about Dr. Marcelo and his team, I made an appointment and the service was excellent. The hospital is great and after 4 years of surgery I feel great. ”

Simone M.


Get to know the postgraduate courses offered by IJP in partnership with Positivo University.

The clinic

Director in Charge – Marcelo Loureiro (CRM: 14858/PR)

Rua Emílio de Menezes, nº 833, 2º andar - Bom Retiro ? Curitiba, PR

Phone: +55 (41) 3373-8688 • +55 (41) 3019-4032
WhatsApp: (41) 98405-9972
[email protected]